Corporate Responsibility: Our Approach as a Sustainable Entity

Our Approach as a Sustainable Entity
Our commitment is to do our best in our jobs and strive to achieve excellence, with the aim to act responsibly and create shared value for our stakeholders.

As a Bank, we believe it is our responsibility to recognise and undertake commitments in a way that is careful and sensitive towards our environment; to always look to the future proactively by adopting behaviours, strategies and processes that help us improve, considering the direct and indirect impacts we make on the economy, the environment and the society.

Ibercaja Banco, which origins date back to more than 140 years ago, has in its projects and strategy a clear commitment to sustainability, bringing together two closely-related concepts: profitability and social responsibility. It is difficult to add value if not enough resources are generated to allow the Group’s activities to continue. Also, a business will not endure if it does not act ethically and responsibly, proving its solidarity with its surroundings and its respect for the environment.

Ibercaja’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy shows the strong social commitment of the entity. This Policy establishes an action framework aimed at the enhancement of the social, economic, and environmental conditions of our stakeholders. It is also the basis for the integration of the social responsibility in the bank’s business model.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
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