Corporate Responsibility: Responsible towards society

Responsible towards society
Since its foundation in 1873, Ibercaja has always been committed to Society. As a bank, our mission is “to help build better living conditions for families and companies by helping them manage their finances using comprehensive and customised financial services that will help them achieve their goals.”
Traditionally, we have always contributed to the economic and social development in our areas of activity and we continue to do so every day through our financial and social welfare projects. 
Over the last few years, Ibercaja Banco and its Social Welfare Programme have adapted to the present economic situation by supporting social activities, helping to address the inequalities resulting from the economic crisis, promoting entrepreneurship and job creation, improving education and helping local associations whose actions reach those who have been most affected by the economic crisis.

In the current Strategic Plan, Corporate Social Responsibility plays an active role by listening to our stakeholders and promoting specific actions, some of which involve our employees.