Corporate Responsibility: Responsible towards society


Ibercaja’s volunteer team, which is promoted by the Fundacion Bancaria Ibercaja’s Social Welfare Programme, is made up of 330 active and retired employees. Their activities are continuously expanding to reach different groups and cover different geographic areas, including Zaragoza, Huesca, Guadalajara, and Logroño.
Ibercaja’s volunteers participate in a wide variety of solidarity initiatives and their collaboration was extremely important to achieve the objectives of the planned activities.

These activities included:
  • Actions to support financial education through basic finance workshops for adults and young people. The volunteers contributed with their experience and promoted awareness of financial issues through the use of simple concepts.
  • Support Food Banks by collaborating with their food donation campaigns.
  • Educational workshops for different groups; basic computer skills for job searching (OSCUS); emotional support for people who have emotional disabilities or are in a vulnerable situation (ATADES); and entertainment activities of a social nature such as charity races, school-related events and visits and excursions with disabled people.