Corporate Responsibility: Responsible towards the environment

Environmental Initiatives

At Ibercaja Banco we are very conscious of the need to support the environment and fight climate change. Towards the end of 2015 Ibercaja and its employees joined the  “Un millón por el clima” initiative, which aims to stop climate change, achieving more than 1,500 individual commitments.

The initiative is promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and was created in order to raise awareness amongst companies and the public of the importance of climate change and the need for everyone to commit to finding a solution.
Further evidence of our commitment is our participation in the global initiative "La Hora del Planeta". Created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the importance of citizen action in the search for solutions to environmental problems. It does so through the symbolic and highly significant gesture of a coordinated hour-long lighting switch-off. Ibercaja took part by switching off the lights in its headquarters in Zaragoza, Badajoz and Burgos.

At Ibercaja we also support business activities and projects related to sustainability.

We support funding for areas related to climate change and sustainability, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and the development of cleaner transportation. Likewise, from an investment perspective, we support the development of products with investment policies that expressly address sustainability.

Our Sustainable Solidarity Pension Plan