Corporate Responsibility: Responsible with our clients

Responsible with our clients
At Ibercaja we put the needs and circumstances of each and every one of our clients at the heart of our relationship with them.
We have our own personality that differentiates us, ensuring our visibility, closeness and relevance to our clients in a way that is both profitable and sustainable for the company. Ibercaja’s commitment to being different is what lies at the heart of our approach: ‘hablamos con hechos’.

Our approach is based on three key principles, which guide our work and provide the framework for our specific commitments, allowing us to communicate them in a transparent manner.

  • People are at the heart of our organisation. All our clients deal with people they know and who know them.
  • By getting to know our clients we are able to offer them the appropriate products, services and information at the right time.
  • We stand by our clients’ side during the most important times in their lives to offer advice, to help them make the best decision and to make their plans become reality.

  • We help our clients so that they always understand those aspects of their finances that are most important to them.
  • We offer advice, tools and information to help our clients understand, plan, control and make their own decisions regarding their finances.
  • We provide our clients with services and products that help them improve their finances.

  • For those committed clients, we offer better conditions and preferential access to various products, services and programmes.
  • We support our longstanding clients by offering them products, services and rates tailored to their own circumstances.
  • We listen to all our clients and are committed to improving the areas that are most relevant to them.
Proving the commitment to our clients, Ibercaja has been awarded the highest recognition for excellence in Europe: the Gold Star for European Excellence.
This recognition is awarded to public or private organisations from any industry that have adopted the criteria established in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model in their business management practices.