About Ibercaja Banco: Mission, Vision , Values

Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values


To help build better living conditions for families and companies by helping them manage their finances using comprehensive and customised financial services that will help them achieve their goals.


Being an attractive bank due to the value offered and its contribution to society with a great capacity to adapt to changes, anticipating the needs of our stakeholders:
  • Customers: we aspire to develop a valuable, useful and personalized Differential Omnichannel Customer Experience for our customers ---> growth 
  • Shareholders: we aspire to become a very efficient and commercially effective Bank with advanced capital management that creates value for shareholders ---> profitability and solvency 
  • People: we aspire to become and attractive and talent-driven organization --> high performance and innovation 
  • Society: we aspire to become and organization driven by valuable purpose for society ---> positioning and reputacion 


  • CLOSENESS. Friendliness, simplicity and transparency are our bywords for interaction with our stakeholders, actively listening to understand their needs.
  • PROFESSIONALISM. We meet the needs of our interest groups effectively and skilfully, with integrity and rigour.
  • COMMITMENT. We promote trust among our stakeholders to meet their needs and establish long-standing mutually beneficial relationships.
  • EXCELLENCE. We foster the spirit of continuous improvement and effort to anticipate our stakeholder's needs, surpassing their expectations and providing an outstanding service quality.
  • SOUNDNESS. We are a trustworthy group that instils confidence, acting rigorously, prudently and coherently.
  • ADAPTABILITY. We are proactive and flexible in order to adapt to changes around us.