Sustainability: Commitment towards society

Commitment towards society

Ibercaja develops a banking model with a great social sensitivity and committed to sustainable development the territories where it is present, taking into account the preservation of the planet. Its goal is to generate value for the whole of society.

To achieve this objective, Ibercaja undertakes to:
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the territory, supporting the productive fabric and establishing channels of collaboration and dialogue with local agents.
  • Be sensitive to social and environmental demands, through their financial activity, with appropriate products and services.
  • Boost financial education, which promotes financial inclusion and accessibility to financial services of those groups that may have the most difficulties.
  • To progress in sustainability:
    • Responsiblely make commitments driven by national and international organizations that ensure sustainable development, human rights, good governance, ethical commitment and the fight against corruption and other illegal conduct.
    • Collaborate with organizations, entities and regulators in the development of sustainable actions.
    • Sensitize and disseminate good practices to help society transition to a sustainable economy.
  • Promote and support corporate volunteering initiatives that have a positive impact on society.
  • Comply with all your tax obligations, making clear your fiscal responsibility.