Sustainability: Commitment with our clients

Commitment with our clients

The client is the center of the Entity's strategy, with quality of service and advice as differential elements.

At Ibercaja we are committed to:
  • Work the in-depth knowledge of each client, to offer them at all times those products, services and information they need, adapted to their expectations and needs
  • Aligning the trade strategy with the United Nations Responsible Banking Principles:
    • Identifying impacts and needs arising from sustainable development.
    • Adapating the offer to respond to these new needs, which drive business models and sustainable practices.
    • Sensibilizing our customers in the necessary transition to a decarbonized economy, also identifying their preferences in sustainability.
  • Help our clients manage their finances better, in a simple way, with the best advice, tools and information, and promoting financial education.
  • Pay special attention to transparency in the communication and marketing of products, providing the necessary information for the customer to be able to make informed decisions, avoiding information manipulation and protecting the integrity and honor of customers.
  • Always protect the confidentiality of customer data, maintaining the highest security standards.
  •  Establish efficient dialogue channels that allow us to listen to our customers, as the basis of long-term mutual commitment, and offer the highest quality of service.
  • Provide maximum diligence to prevent the financing of illegal practices, complying with the Rules on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.