Sustainability: Commitment towards people

Commitment towards people

The people who make up Ibercaja are the main axis on which their strategy and activity are based and are the key to ensuring the sustainability of the business.

For this reason, Ibercaja wants to enhance the involvement, commitment and integral development of its employees and is committed to:
  • Ensure that all employees act under ethical and responsible principles and standards of conduct, complying with the Entity's Code of Ethics.
  • Encourage the reconciliation of personal, family and work life, applying flexibility measures as a means of balancing the needs of employees and the company.
  • Promote the continuous development of their skills and abilities, identifying and responding to current and future training needs and enabling access to knowledge.
  • Encourage the culture of sustainability in Ibercaja´s employees, raising awareness of social and environmental problems, and facilitating the necessary training to integrate it into the development of their functions and their daily activity.
  • Preserve the safety and protection of your employees, actively promoting their health and overall well-being.
  • Promote diversity among its professionals, rejecting all forms of discrimination and promoting equal opportunities.
  • Maintain open and transparent communication, establishing the necessary channels and tools and promoting upward and downward communication pathways that encourage active participation.
  • Encourage an open and transparent dialogue with the representation of employees as the fundamental basis of industrial relations.
  • Promote corporate volunteering, in order to actively contribute to society and reinforce the pride of belonging to the Group.