Sustainability: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability


Events such as the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, the pandemic we experienced in 2020 and the ensuing economic crisis have marked a before and after in our societies, which are determinedly heading towards the new socio-economic paradigm of sustainability. This is a challenge that particularly challenges banks, key players in the economy as efficient credit and savings managers. We play a leading role in shifting to a sustainable world and contemplating in our decisions its impact on the climate, on the social changes that are taking place and on the governance of companies and institutions. Not only do we move towards sustainability, but we actively drive it.

In this context, we understand that business objectives should drive sustainability, integrating environmental, social and good governance aspects into our strategy and decision-making.  Our activity must generate both business and social benefits on a permanent basis and in a spirit of continuous improvement, preserving the environment.

OUR CHALLENGE: that business objectives drive sustainable development, preserving natural resources and promoting a fairer and more inclusive society.

For this reason, the Board of Directors of Ibercaja has approved the Sustainability Policy of the Ibercaja Group, a document that reflects our commitment to sustainable growth and establishes the framework for global sustainability action.

But sustainability is not our exclusive heritage, we share it with our stakeholders with whom we make commitments that inspire and govern our decisions. We provide them with information on compliance, subject it to external valuation and are signatories to pacts at the national and global levels that force us on sustainability.