Sustainability: Annual Corporate Governance Report

Annual Corporate Governance Report
In its Corporate Social Responsibility reports, Ibercaja Banco outlines the most relevant principles, policies, strategies, management approaches and activities that the Bank has undertaken over the course of each year in the areas of finance, the environment, society and corporate governance.

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This Consolidated Directors' Report includes the most significant information regarding Ibercaja Banco and its subsidiaries in 2020.

For the first time, the Consolidated Directors' Report includes, in a single document, all significant financial and non-financial information on the ibercaja group, encompassing what used to be included in the Directors' Report and the Annual Report. Accordingly, our intention is to provide stakeholders with more enhanced and more complete information in a transparent manner and in a single document. This report, as a whole, presents a global vision of the Bank's strategic lines, activities, business model, financial results and sustainable commitment. We are a Bank with a strong social commitment, with over 140 years of history and committed with sustainable development, working for the purpose of incorporating ESG approaches in our strategie and decision-making process.
This Report highlights our strong commitment to responsibility, taking care of the environment and promoting economic, social and territorial development, focusing on persons. Our values ​​of closeness, professionalism, commitment, excellence, strength and adaptability are consolidated, to respond to their needs with our corporate purpose:  help people build the life story, because it will be our story.
This report has been elaborated according to the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in line with the “essential” conformity option. Besides, it serves as a “Progress Report” in accordance with the reporting requirements of the Global Compact, relating to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in matters of human and labour rights, the environment and anticorruption.
Consolidated Director´s Report 2020
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