Sustainability: Annual Corporate Governance Report

Annual Corporate Governance Report
In its Corporate Social Responsibility reports, Ibercaja Banco outlines the most relevant principles, policies, strategies, management approaches and activities that the Bank has undertaken over the course of each year in the areas of finance, the environment, society and corporate governance.

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In its annual report, Ibercaja Banco Group includes information regarding its commitment to sustainability, as well as principles, politics, strategies, management approaches and performance that, with significant impact, has developed over the year in the economic, environmental, social and governmental areas, taking into account its environmental impact. 

We are a bank with a strong social commitment, with over 140 years of history and committed with sustainable development, working for the purpose of incorporating ESG approaches in our strategies and decision-making process. Therefore, we have made significant progress in 2019 with the elaboration of our Annual Report aiming to meet the demands and expectations of our stakeholders.
This report presents the key data and milestones achieved throughout 2019 in the economic, social, environmental and governmental areas. Keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of 2030 Plan approved by the UN and Paris Agreement to mitigate the climate change.
The report highlights our firm intent to responsibility, care for the environment and promotion of economic, social and territorial development, focusing on people. Our values of proximity, professionalism, commitment, excellence, soundness and adaptability are key to give response to our customers’ needs and to implement our corporate purpose: help people to build the story of their lives, because that will be our story.
For the development of the Report, we have followed the directives stablished by GRI standards (Global Reporting Initiative), under the option of “In accordance”. It is a Progress Report as well, including the actions made to achieve the implementations of the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Annual Report Ibercaja Banco 2019
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