Shareholders and Investors: Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the broadest attributes for the management, administration and representation of the Company, and except for matters reserved to the competence of the General Meeting, it is the highest decision-making body of the Company.

composition of the board of directors

Position Name Type
Chairman Mr. José Luis Aguirre Loaso Shareholder Appointed
First Vice Chairman Mr. Jesús Máximo Bueno Arrese Shareholder Appointed
CEO Mr. Víctor Iglesias Ruiz Executive
Member Mrs. Gabriela González-Bueno Lillo Independent
Member Mr. Jesús Solchaga Loitegui Independent
Member Mr. Emilio Jiménez Labrador Shareholder Appointed
Member Mr. Vicente Cóndor López Independent
Member Mr. Félix Longás Lafuente Independent
Member Mr. Jesús Tejel Giménez Independent
Member Mr. Enrique Arrufat Guerra Shareholder Appointed
Member Mrs. Maria Pilar Segura Bas Other External
Secretary (Non-Board member) Mr. Jesús Barreiro Sanz  

All the nominations to the Board of Directors has been adopted with a favourable report by the Appointments Committee.

The Directors have the obligation to adopt the measures that are necessary to avoid any situations in which there may be a conflict of interest with the business and their duties to the Entity, as it is stipulated by Article 33 Board of Directors Regulation.