Shareholders and Investors: Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy

Remuneration Policiy

The Directors’ Remuneration Policy in force was approved by the General Shareholders Meeting held on April 10th, 2024, according to article 33.3 of the Spanish Act on regulation, oversight and solvency of banks, and to article 529 novodecies of the   Spanish Corporate Law. All the shareholders of the Bank attended the Meeting, holding the 100% of the 214.427.597 shares comprising the share capital. All the 214.427.597 votes cast were valid and favorable to the Policy.
Pursuant to Rule 61ª of Bank of Spain Circular 2/2016, the Annual Directors’ Remuneration Report 2023 was submitted to the advisory vote and approved by the General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting held on April 2024.

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annual report

Annual Report on Board Members Remmuneration - 2023
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Remmuneration Policy Board Members 2023
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