Sustainability: Alliances and Initiatives

Alliances and Initiatives

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Ibercaja is one of the founding members of the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) led by the banking sector, sponsored by the UN and co-launched by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and the Financial Services Working Group of Sustainable Markets´ Initiative, to lead the transition to a low-carbon global economy

In its solid commitment to sustainability, Ibercaja joins this initiative that aims to mobilize the trillions of dollars necessary to build a global economy with zero net emissions and meet the objectives of the Paris-Agreement.

Ibercaja is committed to achieving emissions neutrality of its loans and investment portfolios for 2050 or earlier.

NZBA bring together an initial group of 43 of the world´s leading banks, with assets worth $28.5 trillion. The NZBA joins to existing initiatives: the Net-Zero Asset Managers Initiative and the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance by the UN.



Ibercaja is a signatory to and shares the objectives of the United Nations Global Compact with regards to ethical management based on its proposed Ten Principles. As signatories, we are committed to making progress in the implementation of corporate social responsibility and communicating this progress in the Progress Reports that are part of our Sustainability Reports


Ibercaja promotes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Entity´s commitment is materialized through a plan focused on Health and Well-being, Education, Gender Equality, Decent Wok and Economic Growth, Industry, innovation and infrastructure, Climate Action and Alliances to achieve the objectives.

Aware of its role as a driver of change through its activity, Ibercaja promotes socially responsible investment, including ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance) in its investments and risk management and improving the mobilizations of the necessary capital towards sustainable activities.


Ibercaja Banco adheres as a signatory to the Responsible Banking Principles promoted by more than 100 financial entities. A responsible banking sector that is an integral part of the 21st century society because it contributes to a sustainable and equal economic and social development, protecting our natural environment.
We participate among the management entities by signing with Ibercaja Pension as one of the 19 Investment Manager Signatories.

As institutional investors, we are committed with the 6 principles for responsible investments inasmuch as they are compatible with our fiduciary responsibility, having the duty of acting in the best interests in the long term for our beneficiaries, considering social, environmental and governance factors that could affect the performance of the investment portfolios.



Ibercaja has joined the TCFD. Working Group on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, recommends some general elements on which organizations should focus on Risk Management, in the face of climate change. It is about governance, strategy, risk management itself, metrics and goals.

Ibercaja Banco is a "supporter" of this initiative.


Ibercaja Pensión, as a pension-fund manager, is one of the 32 founding organisations of the Spainsif initiative. In terms of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), its activities include the following:
  1. Promoting SRI in order to generate demand and supply in Spain.
  2. Communicating an open, independent vision of the different issues affecting promotion of SRI in Spain.
  3. Preparing a strategic plan with three-year objectives (reviewed annually) to promote SRI in Spain.


This Social Housing Fund complies with the Governmental Order included in Royal Decree-Law 27/2012 on urgent measures to strengthen the protection of mortgage debtors.

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Ibercaja is a signatory to this initiative, which aims to promote better awareness of banking practices and the consequences of acquiring a banking product:
  • Finance for all is an initiative promoted by the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores – CNMV) and the Bank of Spain.
  • The Spanish financial education network promoted by the Spanish Federation of Savings Banks (Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorro – CECA.


As a member of Forética, , a lever to enhance responsible management, Ibercaja takes part in the main forums where recent trends on sustainability are being debated and best practices from leading companies in social responsibility are shared.

Additionally, Ibercaja is part of the 42 early members that created “Clúster de Transparencia, Integridad y Buen Gobierno”. This cluster is the business platform coordinated by Forética in Spain aiming to be a meeting point for leadership, knowledge, and discussion concerning responsible management

Forética is the leading association of companies and professionals in corporate social responsibility/sustainability in Spain and Latin America. Its mission is to encourage integration of social and environmental and good governance aspects in corporate and organizational strategy and management.




Ibercaja Banco, S.A. has adhered to the Code of Good Practices, which is referred in Royal Decree Law 6/2012 of 9 March on urgent measures to protect mortgage debtors without resources, in the wording given by Royal Decree Law 5/2017 of 17 March which amends Royal Decree Law 6/12 of 9 March, of urgent measures to protect mortgage debtors without resources and Law 1/2013 of 14 May, of measures to reinforce the protection of mortgage debtors, debt restructuring and social renting.

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Ibercaja joins the challenge of repositioning and promoting social responsibility management (dirses by its acronyms in Spanish) by becoming a Protector Partner of DIRSE. It is the first Spanish association of Social Responsibility professionals, born in April 2013 and made up for more than 350 members, including managers, consultants and academics.

Ibercaja in DIRSE

Corporate excellence
We collaborate with this business foundation created by large companies to strengthen the integrated and comprehensive management of intangibles and contribute to the development of strong brands, with a good reputation and capable of competing in global markets.
Loyal to the vision that the management of intangibles transforms companies into excellent organisations, the companies that integrate this foundation share the corporate slogan “Leading by Reputation”, which responds to the challenges of the new economic cycle in which organizations compete for gaining the trust and recognition of the stakeholders with whom they interact.