Sustainability: Commitment towards society


The corporate volunteering, managed by Fundación Ibercaja, in coordination with Ibercaja Banco, aims to contribute to the development of society through the involvement of its employees. Ibercaja currently has more than 500 volunteers.

Volunteering Ibercaja is open to all employees of the companies of the Ibercaja Group and the Ibercaja Foundation, both active and retired.

Actions are developed both in their own design and in collaboration with other entities and institutions, participating in different areas of action, such as workshops, emotional accompaniment, recreational activities and awareness raising. This program offers employees the ability to contribute their time and knowledge through different projects to reach the people who need it.

Some remarkable activities include:
  • Actions aimed at supporting financial education by conducting basic finance workshops aimed at adults, young people and children. Volunteers bring their expertise and promote the dissemination of finance in a simple way and adapted to recipients.
  • Support to Food Banks with food collection campaigns.
  • Training workshops for different groups, basic computer science to guide in the search for employment; emotional accompaniment, aimed at people with affective or in violation situations; and playful social activities, such as popular careers, school actions and visits and outings with disability groups.

Ibercaja Banco also maintains its participation on the Solidarity Day of Companies and collaborates with the Cruz Roja Española.