Sustainability: Commitment towards the environment

Collaboration Activities

At Ibercaja we continue to make progress in partnerships and cooperation, in line with SDG 17, to join forces on the road to a more sustainable economy and achieve, among all, greater reach.
  • We have joined the Compromiso Empresarial para una Transición Justa, promoted by the CEOE, which was presented at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on 23rd October.
  • The CEO of Ibercaja has signed the entity's accession to the New Deal For Europe initiative, "CEOs call to action", which has been presented to the European institutions as a sign of the European companies' commitment to sustainability.

  • Ibercaja signs the United Nations Principios de Banca Responsable. The Entity becomes part of a coalition made up of banks around the world whose purpose is to boost a sustainable development economy.
  • Ibercaja attended the Cumbre del Cambio Climático COP25, joining the agreement reached by the main Spanish banks and all banks within the ECSC and the ICO, which aims to promote a more sustainable and low-emissions economy.
COP25: Ibercaja Pensión
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