Sustainability: Commitment towards the environment

Environmental Initiatives

Ibercaja is committed to sustainability and is aware of the importance of working to further integrate social, environmental and good governance aspects into strategy and decision-making.

Ibercaja's commitment to sustainability stems from our Corporate Purpose: "Helping people build the history of their lives". It is ours why, the driving axis of our strategy closely linked to our DNA, our mission, vision and values.

OUR CHALLENGE: to generate business and SOCIAL benefit by being sensitive to the care of our ENVIRONMENT and being aware of the great contribution we can make as a company to, among all, move towards a better world for future generations.

Ibercaja is a signatory to the Global Compact and therefore supports the UN 2030 Agenda and publicizes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has worked on the analysis and identification of the SDGs on which it has the greatest impact, relating its main actions with the impacted objectives. As a result, Ibercaja Banco is primarily committed to the following objectives:

Our role as a driving entitty for actions for the environment leads us to carry out awareness-raising actions, both internal and external, to extend our commitment to the whole of society.

Some of the actions carried out are:
  • The Environment Team, made up of about 20 volunteers from different units, who suggest, promote and develop actions in the field of environmental protection, promoting its implementation. They are currently developing a project to improve and reduce the use of plastics.
  • Ibercaja Banco and its Financial Group have joined the TeloReciclo solidarity initiative, a social project of self-employment and mobile phone recycling, carried out by workers from Atades (Aragonese Guardianship Association of Disability) with intellectual disabilities.
  • Circular economy and waste management: the Entity works on a correct segregation of the waste generated, continues with a policy of reuse of furniture AND actions are carried out to promote knowledge and awareness among employees of the importance of the Circular Economy.
  • Energy efficiency: the total electricity consumption at Headquarters comes from renewable sources with a guarantee of certified origin. Efficient energy consumption is take into account in the design and creation of new centres.

Ibercaja aware of its commitment to sustainability has created a portfolio of financial products based on ASG (Environmental, Social and Good Governance) criteria.